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Trust your physical and mental health to us

When you're looking for a premier mental health center, look to Quinco Mental Health. Our staff focuses on substance and mental health treatment for all co-occurring disorders. Our mission is to give quality service for all people suffering from disorders in an environment that promotes the dignity of all patients.

We do not discriminate against race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation or national origin.

Trust the team of professionals who always have your health and best interest in mind.

Call our emergency hotline for service.

When you feel your will slipping away or you need immediate help, call us 24/7.

General: 731-658-6113

Access: 800-532-6339

  • Compassionate counselors

  • Authorized staff members

  • Licensed phychiatrist

If you suffer from mental health issues, our experienced staff can provide the

best treatments.

Don't go through your substance abuse alone. Let our trained staff walk you through each step.

With 7 locations available, we are sure to have somewhere you feel comfortable visiting.

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